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    • Ticket by pnijjar
      March 10, 2014

      I would like to DIFFERENTIATE the LAYOUT of my HOME PAGE FROM the REST OF THE PAGES. Currently, I have a side bar that is set to Show on All Pages. I do not want it to show on the home page. For emphasis, I want to show my project images in a way that they occupy the maximum width of the body area of the page. I have tried bring that image element on the home page (that shows all my project images) forward but it does not produce the desired effect. It's really strange that Wix does not have this very basic and most desired functionality ... I tried searching your help topics but haven't found anything yet.

      Please help.

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    • Reply from Darth V.
      March 11, 2014



      If you want some element to be shown on all pages except one - you will need to copy and paste this element through the desired pages. 


      If you want to change the size of your images on your page you can simply use drag handles or you can setup width manually:


    • Reply from pnijjar
      March 11, 2014

      Hi Dart. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, the solution you offered is not practical. We cannot copy and paste all the sidebar elements on all pages except one - HUGE site maintenance issues (we need to update the sidebar images every few days). I do know how to resize images etc, but that is not the crux of my question above. Wix needs to allow us to assign a different template/layout to the homepage... or some other way of making the above desired effect happen please. Thanks.

    • Reply from gills2
      March 11, 2014

      Hey  pnijjar,


      Currently there isn't an option to add a landing page. 

      You can vote for this feature in this thread.

      We do have a workaround that might fit some of our users:

      1. Add a new page to your site (from the "Pages" icon button on the left tool bar -> "Add Page")
      2. Drag this page up so it is above all other pages.
      3. Add a button to this Page and link it to the next page of your website.
      This page will now be your new landing page- so all you have left to do is to design it as you wish.
      Please Note: The landing page is ready but objects may still show on it if they are set to appear on all pages, you can replace objects set to "show on all pages" by copying and pasting them on every page except the pages you wish them not to appear on.