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    How to show only a select few tumblr posts on an html5 page?

    • Ticket by pnijjar
      November 18, 2012

      Hi guys,

      On my home page at www.carriagewest.ca, in the News section I'm trying to show the most recent Tumblr posts that I created - or even just a select few Tumblr posts. I already have Tumblr app/feed added on my Blog page and that works as expected. Now I want just a simple 'news roll' on the home page that shows the latest or a select few Tumblr posts as image/heading links. When I go to the app market and try to add a tumblr app instance on this page in the News section, it does not do anything. No message is displayed either.

      Is there any way to make this happen or is this feature not even supported?


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    • Reply from omersup1
      November 20, 2012



      Wix currently does not have a widget like the one you are suggesting. The tumbler app can only be added on its own page and display the entire blog.