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    Site Not Appearing in Search Engine Results

    How-to Article

    Have you searched the correct domain?

    Make sure that you have entered the correct domain into the search engine.

    Have you selected to allow search engines to crawl your site?

    Make sure that your site is published and that you have allowed search engines to find your site.

    Has your site been indexed yet?

    To see if Google has indexed your site, click here.

    Alternatively, you can help speed up this process by submitting your site to Google directly, or submitting individual pages.

    If your site is indexed, but doesn't appear for certain keyword searches?

    Once you have established that your site has been crawled and indexed, getting the search results you want is the next big step and something that takes time and effort.

    Remember, the more websites Google has on a certain subject, the more competition there will be to get a higher rank. Click here to learn how to get your site ranked higher.

    If your site used to appear in search engines, but no longer seems to be indexed?

    The appearance of a site in search results is solely the decision of the search engine itself.

    The removal of a site from search results could be for any number of reasons, including the employment of Black Hat SEO (even inadvertently). Black Hat SEO refers to techniques aimed at search engines only, and the use of which will result in your site being penalized by search engines. To read more about this click here.

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