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    How do I add the Google Analytics ID in my Wix account?

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    With Google Analytics you can track information including the number of visitors and page views, where visitors come from, how long they stay, what keywords they are using to find your site, and more.

    To use Google Analytics, you will need to upgrade your account to a premium plan that allows you to connect a domain. To view our available plans, click here.

    To retrieve your Google Analytics ID you will need to sign in to your Google Analytics account and copy the code that looks like this UA-1111111-1.

    To add the Google Analytics code: Sign in to your Wix account > from the top menu, hover over Subscriptions > click Domains > next to the relevant domain, click Manage > next to Google Analytics, click Add > enter the Tracking ID > click Save.

    You will start receiving data about your Wix site within a week.

    If you have trouble using Google Analytics, please go through the checklist in this FAQ.

    Please note that adding a tracking code in order to use Universal Analytics and In-Page Analytics currently isn't possible. You can vote for this feature in this FAQ.

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