Multilingual SEO Tips

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Below you will find some tips on optimizing a multilingual site so that it will be found in search results for multiple languages.

The instructions refer to a bilingual site, but also apply to sites with three or more languages.

1. Choose one language as the main language . This should be the language of the site's home page. Our tips will help with both languages with regards to SEO, but will help the main language more than the secondary.

2. Use one language per page . This is strongly recommended by search engines. Make sure to use only a single language for:

- Text on the page
- Image file names, titles and descriptions
- Your page keywords.

You can learn more on this topic in this post on our Wix blog.

3. Link each corresponding page instead of having one universal link . For example, the About page in English should link to the About page in Spanish, rather than the Home page in Spanish. Instead of having a row of flags that appear on all pages of the site and link to every language's Home page, it is better to have a row of flag buttons that appear several times, one time per page and link to the corresponding pages.

4. Add external links to other websites in the same language only. This will help build the SEO power of each language separately. For example, the Spanish page on your Wix site should only have external links to Spanish websites.

5. Create separate sites for each language . You can then acquire domains with the relevant extension for each language. For example, you can have both www.yourdomain.en (English) and (Spanish), and connect each domain to the corresponding Wix site. You can find the complete list of domain suffixes to choose when registering your domain here. Please note that if you choose this method, you will need to upgrade each site separately.

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