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    Why do my Facebook Likes disappear from my Wix site pages? (Old Editor)

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    Important: This information applies to the old Wix Editor. For information about the new Wix Editor, please click here.

    The Like button counter is associated with the URL address of the page it has been placed on.

    It is not possible to associate a Like button, which already has "Likes", with a new URL. Therefore, changing the URL of a page will result in losing that page's existing "Likes".

    It is important to note that the number of "Likes" seen in the Editor will differ from the number of "Likes" seen on your live site as they are associated with different URLs. The Like button inside the Editor is intended as an example only and does not represent the actual number of "Likes", nor is it possible to "Like" it.

    The Facebook Like counter is provided by the Facebook API. This applies to the Facebook Like app provided by Wix, as well as Facebook's code used to generate the Like counter using the HTML App.

    If you noticed a decrease in the number of "Likes" on a specific page, please contact Facebook regarding this matter. You can raise an issue with Facebook by contacting the Facebook Help Center here.

    Important: The new Facebook improvements to Like button API will automatically remove Likes gained by malware, compromised accounts, deceived users, or purchased bulk Likes. To learn more, click here.

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