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    Publishing Your Wix Site (Old Editor)

    How-to Article
    Important: This information applies to the old Wix Editor. For information about the new Wix Editor, please click here.

    In order for any changes to your Wix site to appear live, you will need to publish your site.

    To publish your site:

    1. Click Publish at the top right of the Editor.
    2. Click Publish/ Done.
    Important: Saving changes will not make them appear live. Every time that you save your site, you will need to click Publish to make the saved changes appear live. On the other hand, publishing your site will save any changes that you made in the Editor.


    • If you have connected your site to your own domain, it might take up to 48 hours for your site to appear when browsing to your domain.
    • To learn how to get your site found online in search results, click here.
    • To learn how to upgrade your site to remove the Wix Ads and connect your own domain, click here.
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