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    Organizing Your Images (Old Editor)

    Important: This information applies to the old Wix Editor. For information about the new Wix Editor, please click here.

    Easily organize your images from My Images.

    Quick guide to organizing your images from the image gallery:

    • Click Add Folder to add a new folder for your images.
    • Hover over an image onto plus icon to expand the image and see the image size.
    • Hover over an image and click the gear icon to open the options pop-up.
    • Click Rename to rename your image.
    • Click Edit Image to open the Photo Editor window, edit your image as you wish, and click Save to confirm the changes.
    • Click Download to download the image to your computer.
    • Click Remove to delete the image. From the pop-up, click Delete to confirm.
    • Drag and drop images into your folders to organize them.
    • Click images to select several. Drag the group of images into folders to organize them or click the trash can icon to delete them.
    • Checkmark the Select All icon to select all of your images. Uncheck the icon to deselect your images or click Select None.
    • Sort your images by Date or by alphabetical order.
    • Search for an image.
    • Hover over a folder and click the gear icon to Rename or Remove the folder.
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