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    Customizing Your Shopping and View Cart


    Two elements make up the Online Store: the Product Gallery and the Shopping Cart. In addition, you can add a View Cart button to the pages of your site so that your buyers can see the total price of their items or the number of items in their cart. You can customize each element separately as well as the pieces that make up each element (i.e. click on an image in the product gallery to customize the images or click on the text to customize the text) and create a look and feel for your store that caters to your specific needs. 

    Customizing Your Shopping Cart Style 

    To customize your shopping cart style:

    1. Click your shopping cart.
    2. From the pop-up, click Settings.
    3. Click Preview Shopping Cart.
    4. Under Buyers checkout, select in the same window or in a popup window from the drop-down menu to set how the payment page will open for your buyers.
    5. Customize your cart's spacing, texts, alignment and margin.
    6. Click an element of your shopping cart.
    7. From the pop-up, click Customize Fonts, List Style, Image Style or Box Style to customize the element.

    Customizing Your View Cart Settings

    To update your view cart settings:

    1. Click your view cart button.
    2. From the pop-up, click Settings.
    3. From View Cart, under Select Total, click the drop-down menu to set the number that the view cart button should show: Total Items or Total Price.
    4. Under View Cart Text, edit your view cart button text in the field.
    5. Under Text Alignment, click left, center or right alignment to set how the button text will appear within the view cart button.
    6. Under Margins, drag the handle to set the spacing between the text and the button border.

    Make sure that you have linked your View Cart button to your Shopping Cart. To do so, click the View Cart button > from the pop-up menu, click Link to Cart > choose the page that contains your Shopping Cart > click OK.

    Customizing Your View Cart Button Style

    To customize your view cart button style:

    1. Click your view cart button.
    2. From the pop-up, click Button Style.

    3. From Change Style, click a style.
    4. Click Edit Style to customize the style.
    5. From Advanced Styles, you can Change Skin, ColorsFont, Corner Sizes and Border Width.
    6. Click OK.

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