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    How do I add a pop-up message which appears after an item has been added my Wix Online Store Shopping Cart?

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    Add a confirmation message which appears after your visitor adds an item to their shopping cart. The confirmation gives the option to continue shopping or to proceed to checkout. These options are entirely customizable.

    To customize your Add to Shopping Cart confirmation message: Click your Product Gallery to select it > from the pop-up menu, click Style Product Page.
    At the bottom of the Style Product Page window, under After product is added to cart, select Show confirmation message > click Style Confirmation Message.

    Enter names for your Checkout and Continue Shopping buttons and set the image mode, message orientation and distance between buttons > click the drop-down menu to select the page that contains your shopping cart > click OK.

    If you do not want the confirmation message to appear after a visitor has added an item to their cart, simply choose Close product page from the After product is added to cart drop down menu in the Style Product Page window.
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