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    Transferring a Site


    You can easily transfer a Wix site to another Wix account. This feature may be particularly useful for Wix Pro designers or business website designers who would like to move their site to a different Wix account.

    It is not possible to transfer a Premium Plan from one account to another. If you would like to transfer a Wix domain to another account, click here for instructions.

    Keep in mind that images on your site are associated with your Wix account and not with your site; they are not transferable to another account.
    As long as the original account is active, the images will continue to appear on the live site even after the site is transferred.

    Note: If you delete the original account, all images uploaded to the site prior to the transfer will be deleted from the site.

    Transferring a Site

    There are two ways to transfer your site to a different Wix account.

    Option 1:

    1. Go to My Sites and click Manage Site, next to the site you would like to transfer.

    2. From the left menu of the Dashboard, click Popular Shortcuts.

    3. Click Transfer Site.

    4. Add all relevant information and click Next.

    5. From Are Your Sure? , make sure to read all of the information, and click Transfer Site.

    Option 2:

    1. Log into Wix.com.
    2. Click here.
    3. Next to the site that you would like to transfer, click Transfer site.

    4. In the Transfer project window, type the email address of the recipient's Wix account. Type a personal note (optional).

    5. Click Transfer.

    Your transfer is complete! A confirmation email has been sent to the site recipient.

    If you have not received an email, please check your Spam folder.

    Accepting a Site Transfer

    Once a Wix user transfers a Wix site to you, you will have to accept the transfer in order for the new site to appear in your account.

    To accept a site transfer:

    1. Log into the email account associated with your Wix account.
    2. Open the confirmation email. In the body of the email, click Confirm to accept the transfer.
    You can also decline the transfer or report the transfer as a violation of our terms of use by clicking Decline or Report abuse towards the bottom of the confirmation email.
    3. In the Site transfer process window, type a site name and click Save.

    You can find your new site on Wix.com in My Sites.

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