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    Duplicating Your Site


    You can create a new copy of your site by duplicating it from My Sites.

    If you are trying to restore an old version of your site, you can use the Site History feature. Click here for more information.

    Duplicating Your Site

    To duplicate your site:

    1. From My Sites, next to your site, click Manage Site.

    2. From the left menu of the Dashboard, click Popular Shortcuts.

    3. Under Site Shortcuts, click Duplicate Site.

    4. From Duplicate Site, type a new name for the copy of your site and click Duplicate.

    Your duplicated site will appear in My Sites.

    Important Information

    Please keep in mind when duplicating your site that:

    • The duplicated site will not have a domain automatically attached to it.
    • Your site will not automatically be found by search engines. You can update your SEO settings for the new site from Settings in your Editor.
    • Any apps on your original site will be copied to your new site, however:
      • The duplicated site will only include the free version of your app.
      • The apps on your new site and the apps on your original site will not be connected.
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