Multilingual Sites

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You can turn any template or site into a multilingual site, using the Wix Multilingual app. First, you will need to duplicate and translate all of the relevant pages and replace your site's menu with buttons.

Tip: For detailed information on this process, click here.

To create a multilingual site:

  1. Duplicate your site's pages.
  2. Translate the duplicate pages.
  3. Delete your site's menu.
  4. Create a new site menu out of buttons for both your main language pages and your secondary language pages.
    Note: Make sure that the buttons are not set to show on all pages.
  5. Add and set up the Wix Multilingual app.

Important: The Wix Multilingual app redirects visitors to the relevant language page according to their browser language. It is possible to disable this option and allow your visitors to simply click the flag or country name in the app's widget, to change languages.

  • The Wix Multilingual app is not available for all languages. If your language is not included, you can create a multilingual site using the instructions here.
  • It is not possible to create a drop-down menu for multilingual sites. Click here to vote for this feature.
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