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    Creating a Site From a Blank Template


    Wix offers something for everyone!

    In addition to 100s of designer-made templates available via our template gallery, you can also find several blank templates to choose from.

    Just as with our designer-made templates, blank templates are fully customizable.

    Blank templates typically appeal to the skilled and veteran site creators who are looking for maximum freedom to design an amazing site from scratch, all while using Wix's innovative,simple, and code-free platform.

    Keep in mind that you can't switch a template midway through the editing process so choose your template wisely.

    Using a Blank Template

    Our user-friendly drag n' drop site editor lets you customize any of our templates with ease, transforming it into a stunning site.
    Before you get started, we strongly recommend that you consider these tips:

    • Establish your site's purpose
      This is the first step you should take after making the decision to create a site. Every site has a different purpose. The best way to determine the purpose, is by focusing on what you're hoping to achieve. For instance, are you trying to sell a product? Find a job? showcase your art portfolio?Each one of these different objectives will affect the structure and design of your site.
    • Know your target audience
      By now you've figured out your site's exact purpose, so it's time to think about your existing customers and your potential customers. Who are they? How old are they? How will they reach your site? What are they going to look for when visiting your site? Think about each person that will visit your site, understanding the needs of your audience will help you create the best possible site.
    • Research, research, research
      Whether you have a clear vision for your site's look and feel, or not, we suggest that you take some time to research other sites for inspiration. Our template gallery is a great place to start! you'll find there a large collection of site templates showcasing numerous styles and designs. Check out competitors' sites, as well as sites of businesses outside of your industry, you might be surprised where you'll find inspiration.
    • Find your style
      Following your research, you may have already defined your desired site style. If not, you should consider whether you are looking to create a minimalist site, a colorful site, etc. The possibilities are endless, you simply have to find what best fits your vision.
    • Build a site blueprint
      A comprehensive site blueprint will help you stay organized, save time, and serve as a reference tool throughout the site creation process. The site map should include a list of all the planned pages and indicate which page links where, and what anchors or subpages are included in what section. Sketch a rough draft of each page that will include all the content the page should eventually display, such as images, texts, videos, buttons, etc.
    • Prepare your images and text in advance
      Any content you add to your site can influence the design process. Preparing your content in advance will help you stay organized and speed up the editing process. Decide where and how to use your images and text. While preparing your content don't forget about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and optimize your visual and written content accordingly. Learn more about this by reading our SEO interactive tutorial here.

    Editing Your Blank Template

    If you haven't already, please review our pre site-editing tips above.

    The Start from Scratch template is available for anyone who wishes to design a site using a clean slate template that offers no pre-designed features.

    All other blank templates come with a fixed layout you can keep, add minor changes to, or completely redesign.

    Once you open the template in the editor, you can begin to transform your chosen blank template into a stunning one-of-a-kind site.

    Start with design elements that will appear on all pages (fixed header, static background image, navigation menu design, etc.), and move onto adding page specific elements (text boxes, image galleries, social media feed, etc.)

    When you are done editing your site make sure to click Save from the menu at the top of the Editor.

    As soon as you are ready launch your site, go ahead and click Publish (next to Save).
    Remember! You can upgrade your site to premium at any time. This will allow you to connect a domain you already own, or purchase a new domain from Wix to use with your site. Click here to learn more about upgrade options.

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