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    Are Wix sites responsive?

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    Wix offers several options to ensure that your site always looks great, on both desktop and mobile.

    Use the built-in guidelines, or add some of your own, via the 'Rulers and Guides' button at the top of the Editor, to test and verify that your site looks the way you want it to on different computer and tablet screen sizes. Sites do not automatically adjust to screen size, so play around to get the right proportions for you.

    You can test your site in different screen resolutions using ScreenFly.

    Wix sites are also optimized for view on smartphone devices. Any changes you make in the Desktop Editor are automatically reflected in the Mobile Editor.

    You can adjust your mobile site layout and even hide certain elements from view. Any changes that you make in the Mobile Editor will not be reflected in the Desktop Editor This allows you to create a better mobile experience for your site visitors.

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