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    Changing Your Wix Domain Registration Privacy Settings

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    In order to add Privacy Registration to a domain, you must manually extend it for an additional year, or multiple years.

    To extend a domain and purchase Privacy:

    1. Sign into your Wix account.
    2. Hover over Subscriptions at the top of the page.
    3. Click Domains.
    4. Hover over the relevant domain.
    5. Click the General tab.
    6. Click Manage Payments.
    7. Click Extend.
    8. Select a registration period and click Continue.
    9. Check (and edit) your contact information and click Continue.
    10. Select Private Registration and click Continue.
    11. Select your payment method click Submit Purchase.

    Note: If you set your domain to 'Private' when registering it, it is possible to temporarily turn the privacy off.

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