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    How do I connect my StartLogic domain to Wix?

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    You can find detailed information in our Domain Tutorial.

    Once you have upgraded, we recommend connecting your domain name using Wix's name servers.

    With Wix there are two methods to connect your domain name: name servers & pointing

    Name Servers

    When connecting a domain to your Wix site with our name servers, the domain stays at your hosting company and connects to the Wix servers.

    This method transfers control of your domain records to Wix. These records can be controlled via the Domain Manager of your Wix account by you! This will also allow your mobile site to be automatically associated with your domain!

    In order to do so simply send your domain hosting company the following message:

    "I have built a site on Wix.com. Please connect my domain to their name servers." Make sure to include the name servers, which can be found in the box below:


    The other option is to connect your domain name via pointing.

    Pointing means that your domain host remains in control of your domain records. You will not be able to add, edit or create MX, CNAME, txt and A records via your Wix account. Also, the amount of support Wix can offer in this regard will be limited.

    If you still want to remain connected to Wix via pointing, please contact your domain host and ask them to set up the DNS records found here.

    After following these steps, please allow up to 72 hours for changes to get updated (propagate).

    If you are still having domain connection problems, try going through the troubleshooter here.

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