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    How can I connect Office 365 to a domain in my Wix account?

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    If you purchased a domain from Wix or connected a domain to Wix's name servers, you can easily connect it to your Office 365 account.

    The process consists of two steps:

    Step 1: Verify your domain
    In order to connect your domain to Office 365, you will need to verify that you own it. This is done by obtaining a TXT record from Office 365 and adding it to your domain's DNS records in your Wix account.

    For instructions on how to do this, click here.

    Step 2: Adding the DNS records
    Next, you will need to obtain the following DNS records from Office 365, and add them to your domain's DNS records in your Wix account. Click each record for detailed instructions on how to add it:

    If your domain is connected to Wix using the pointing method, you will need to set up these records on your domain host account.
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