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    Canceling a Wix Account

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    To cancel your Wix account, please follow the steps below.

    To cancel your Wix account:

    1. Cancel any existing Premium Plans in the account. You must wait until your premium plan expires before your account can be canceled.
    2. Note: Canceling your Wix Premium Plan will not cancel any domain, app or mailbox subscriptions that you have with Wix. You can cancel these via the Billing & Payment section of your account.
    3. Delete any sites in your account.
    4. Transfer any Wix domains to another account or another domain host.
      • Click here to learn more about transferring your domain to another Wix account.
      • Click here to learn how to transfer your domain to another domain host.
    5. Delete any domains that are connected via another domain host.
    Important: Once you have completed the steps above, please add your details in this link.

    If you are having trouble with this process, our Customer Support team are here for you and would be more than happy to assist. Please submit a ticket with your question.

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