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    Auto-Renewal and Payment Issues for Premium Plans



    When upgrading your Wix site to Premium, you are automatically billed for the renewal of the Premium Plan on either a monthly or yearly basis depending on your selected plan, until it is canceled.

    Wix sends notification emails prior to the renewal date of yearly Premium subscriptions reminding users of the upcoming renewal date. Please check all mail folders including any spam folders you have.

    You can cancel your Premium subscription and stop any further charges by turning off the auto-renewal. To turn off the auto-renewal, please follow the instructions here.

    If you change your mind, simply turn the auto-renewal back on prior to the cancelation date.

    Important: Turning off the auto-renewal during the 14 day trial of your Premium Plan will cancel the plan immediately and your funds will be automatically refunded to your account.
    If you wish to turn off the auto renewal, please be sure to do so after the 14 day trial has ended.

    Declined Renewal Payment

    If the renewal payment for your Premium subscription is declined you will receive a notification email. You will also see a payment incomplete message in the Billing & Payment section of your account:

    The renewal payment for your Premium subscription may have failed due to one of the following reasons:

    • The payment has been declined by your credit card provider
    • The credit card provided has expired or has insufficient funds
    • The credit card number provided is invalid
    • The credit card provided has not been approved for recurring payments

    To resolve the payment issue, please update your payment method or contact your bank or credit card company to find out why the payment failed.

    To update your payment details:

    1. Sign into Wix.com.
    2. From the menu at the top of the page, click Subscriptions.
    3. Under Manage Premium, click Billing & Payment.
    4. From Billing & Payment, next to your plan with the status Payment incomplete, click Manage.
    5. Next to Payment incomplete, click Complete Payment!
    6. From Update Billing Details, update your credit card details, and when you are done, click Submit.
    7. Click Done.

    As soon as you update your billing details, the outstanding payment will be automatically charged to your account.

    If your Premium subscription has been canceled due to payment problems, you can repurchase by following the instructions here.

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