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      I have a previous subscription with GO DADDY. I'm not sure but I think my WIX site (domain) is somehow tied to the Go Daddy domain. I have made arrangeme...
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      Hello, I am very happy with the Wix Editor. It works very intuitive and I have also seen it develop and get better over the years. There are still a few things...
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      Site cannot be found and therefore not shownWhat is the problem????I can edit and publish the site, but the web can't find www.foturiart.comPlease hetpTorb...
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      dear wix customer service,i am unhappy with wix and thought i had ended my subscription last 2011. why is it that your company kept on billing and getting payme...
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      On my page http://davidalcock4.wix.com/productiveretirement#!Glasgows-West-End/cmbz/54e773ef0cf2d691d213288c I have this afternoon reduced the image sizes i my...