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I had been looking for an easy to use and stable platform for free websites designing when I found Wix on Google. At that time there was only the Flash option for that. So I built a Flash site for myself… and then Wix came up with the new HTML5 option. When I finished building the new site I realized the difference and that day I knew that the new site is certainly the best site for me.

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After I started showing and publishing my site, people asked me if I wanted to design a website for them too. One of them is the CEO of a big national sports organization, one is a unique gifts & souvenirs shop manager, and so on. At that moment I so that I can really design websites, not only for me but for others too and can also turn it to a small business too. The rest is history… 🙂


I read about Wix via Google and sites that talked about free websites building options and have been using it for about 2 years. The impact of Wix on my business is like upgrading something from 0 to 100%. From not knowing too much about website design & building to knowing quite a lot, understanding how to use the various designing options, managing SEO and much more.

My dream project would be creating an online store for a big company or business or by creating a site for a celebrity or well known sportsman/women/team.

My Website

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Loni Rosenblum's website - Wix Stories

My Website

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