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I’ve been working in international and digital marketing since 2003. After spending a few years in my field, I realized that developing skills in digital design would increase my value as a marketer and open up new career opportunities. I began taking digital photography classes and learning about design from sources like Before & After. Soon I was put in charge of all marketing communications and design for a company that I was working for in Australia.

These days I run my own digital marketing and design business and help both corporate clients and small businesses to develop their branding, websites, and digital marketing strategies.

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I first used Wix back in 2008. The interface was much more rudimentary at the time, but I remember thinking that it would eventually grow into an amazing tool for designers. Web design often ends up being an expensive collaboration between a designer, who has aesthetic skills, and a developer, who knows various coding languages and can bring the designer’s ideas to fruition. With Wix, the designer can build the website without having to spend hours and hours writing CSS code.

Were it not for Wix, my business would focus on digital marketing but would not have the resources available to build websites in a timely manner. Thanks to Wix’s service, I can offer clients a professional website in addition to digital marketing services; essentially we are a one stop shop for small businesses and startups.



One Website- Two Stories

One of my favorite experiences thus far has been working with PKNY Health, a brand new wellness counseling service owned by a friend of ours. I personally worked with the owner to establish a brand identity and digital marketing strategy. We then built a website that includes PKNY’s Tumblr and Twitter feeds, Facebook links, an online scheduling tool and a MailChimp signup form powered by Wufoo. Because of a carefully planned digital strategy, PKNY is building an online following and regularly bringing on new clients. And the website is the hub that drives it all.


Working with PixelHouse was an absolute pleasure. They completely helped build my brand from the ground up and took the time to teach me the basics of digital marketing and how a website works. Because they designed my site on the Wix platform, I’m able to log in and update pages when I need, and PixelHouse is always just a phone call away for anything difficult. My business would not be taking off like this without PixelHouse and my fantastic website.

My Website

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My Website

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