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From 1991-1998 I was one of the leading Internet marketing speakers/authors within the residential real estate industry. I had worked with desktop publishing for sales reps and clients as an executive in the title industry and always had an eye for graphical layout and color schemes which is when I began to design logos and flyers, which of course migrated to web design.

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Since I have never enjoyed HTML and CSS coding I began becoming familiar with some of the very early CMS platforms on the web. Most were cumbersome and involved slow, clunky (Flash) tool-sets and most lacked the full functionality available today through Wix. I’ve literally tried them all to find the best overall CMS solution for my clients that would allow me to build functional, yet graphically-appealing websites. I have been providing Wix’s CMS services to my clients since 2005.


Because of Wix’s adoption of HTML5 and its ease of use for my clients it continues to provide me with a fairly solid platform for website design and delivery of ideas from conception to launch.I applaud Wix for its continual investment in infrastructure, server redundancy, advancing design and app tool set and the great customer service I continue to experience from your tech support team in San Francisco.

Since I am based in Northern California it makes it easy for me to pick up the phone from time to time as needed and I have never experienced a bad call with the tech support team there. They always answer the phone in a reasonable time-frame.

One Website- Two Stories

My favorite Wix website design I’ve created is for Salt of The Chief Cornerstone, a 2-person instrumental band located in Canada. They have a huge following and have played some of the most famous arenas such as “Whiskey-A-Go-Go” on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood (where Guns N Roses got their start). I worked not only with the band but with their manager from conception through the final logo/site draft.

They were great to work with and we delivered a great, unique final look. We wanted something that looked different from all of the other template band websites and needed to include all of their great, high-resolution photos, videos and links such as Reverbnation. I’m really pleased with the background and graphical mix which is inspiring, yet not too Gothic. It truly represents their style of music and I know they were very pleased with the outcome.


Greg Weatherly and GW Designs simply went above and beyond for us with his design and layout. In the end he and his team provided exactly what we were looking for and something we are proud to deliver to our fans. We would highly recommend GW Designs for your website and/or logo project!

My Website

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Greg Weatherly's website - Wix Stories

My Website

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