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Justin Miller

Web Designer | Minneapolis

Were it not for Wix, my business would not have the resources to build websites in a timely manner.

Greg Weatherly

Web Designer | Sacramento

Wix continues to provide me with a fairly solid platform for design and delivery of ideas.

Loni Rosenblum

Web Designer | Herzliya

The impact of Wix on my business is like upgrading something from 0 to 100%

Pete Griffin

Web Designer

Wix allows me to turn templates into sites in a matter of days and not months.

Shellie Postal

Web Designer

Over 50% of our business is Wix related, and we continue to fully utilize Wix products.

Jim Chadoulas

Web Designer

Wix keeps adding many new features to ease my work as a website designer

Lindsay Mitchell

Web Designer

I became a Wix Pro and I love that the company continues to grow with me and upgrades often.

David Farmer

I am living my dream through my own design company, Ad Giant

Antonio Calabrese

Web Design

Five years ago I took the initiative to learn to build websites on my own and now I’m helping others

Tracy Costopoulos

Web Designer

I can focus on the design and let Wix do the rest

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