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Le Tigre Tent

Vaudeville Ensemble

Le Tigre Tent’s website was built on Wix, dramatically improving our online presence.

Banks & Wag

Composers | London

A good-looking website showcasing our latest work helps us to get to our customers faster.

Lisa Levy & Bridget Allard

Co-CEOs, StretchPlayYoga | Los Altos

Our Wix website reflects our efforts to develop the well-being of kids through yoga practice.

Joe Marson

Musician | NYC

A personal website steps up your credibility. I’m proud to send people to my Wix site.

Belle Phénomène

Burlesque Performer | San Francisco

I chose Wix because it’s so easy to put together.

Kimberly Escamilla

Non-Profit | San Francisco

We’ve seen a huge difference in traffic since moving to Wix website.

Jenny Hansen

Creative Director | San Francisco

I received the first email lead from my Wix website only 24 hours after setting it up.

Alexandra Kenin

Entrepreneur | San Francisco

After setting up a Wix website for my business there was a dramatic improvement in search traffic.

Veronica Blanco

Dog Walker | San Francisco

My Wix site helped me promote my dog walking services online.

Vanessa Salgado

Kids Party Crafter | New York

Wix enabled my business idea to become a reality