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Ingo Rack

Photographer | Bad Buchau

The many apps Wix offers are awesome and really add value to my website

Carole Juin

Photographer | Paris

With my personalized Wix website and the available SEO tools, I succeeded to build my customer base fast.

Ana Carolina Pellon

Photographer | Rio de Janeiro

My favorite thing about Wix is how professional my site looks!

Alfonso Calero


With Wix I have enjoyed the freedom to design and build my own website, in my own time.

Olga Giannopoulou


I think that the cleaner, more ‘me’ look of my Wix website has attracted more visitors.

Tess Sereda

Photographer | Vancouver

Wix is a great way to personalize your site with a step-by-step, easy to use platform

Léone Laval Hart

Photography Student

I think that the festival’s success is surely due to our Wix website.

Allison Kortokrax

Photographer | Chicago

The number one thing I like about using Wix would have to be the control I have over my own site.

Stephen Vellecca


The thing I most like about Wix is its simplicity. So far, the only feedback I got was that people love it!

Mario Gonzalez D.

Photographer & Graphic Designer

Wix is easy to use and the initial templates are extremely flexible.

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