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Tags Design & Art

Kerl LaJeune

Architect | Chicago

Wix allowed me to better position my business.

Brian Love

Designer and Illustrator | Philadelphia

Wix helped me create a professional and unique site that does the job for me.

Amber Worrell

Advertising Student

With Wix, I can customize the site, connect, and add my social media feed without having to know any coding!

Vanessa Salgado

Kids Party Crafter | New York

Wix enabled my business idea to become a reality

Samuel Johnson-Squire

Illustrator & Animator | Shropshire

Wix offers a simple and effective way to produce a slick website

Léone Laval Hart

Photography Student

I think that the festival’s success is surely due to our Wix website.

Brian Franco

Graphic Designer

Potential clients go to my site, check me and my portfolio – and I get booked for jobs that way!

Veronica Lopez

Jewelry Designer

Wix allows me to express my talents and creativity to the world for a reasonable price.

Joshua Ten Eyck

Architectural Designer

I believe my Wix website helped me get the job I wanted.