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Julie Catona

Organic Dog Treats| West Palm Beach

Wix has been vital to getting my retail business online.

Aline Affonso & Raísa Venâncio

Event Planners | Rio de Janeiro

Wix allowed us to grow much faster than we expected.

Eduardo Soares and Tainã Souza

Ice Cream Shop Owner | Rio de Janeiro

I built the website in less than a day.

Lisa Levy & Bridget Allard

Co-CEOs, StretchPlayYoga | Los Altos

Our Wix website reflects our efforts to develop the well-being of kids through yoga practice.

Colette ‘t Hart

Creative Consultant | Ashtead

Wix helps my business and my clients’ businesses too. It is a win-win solution for everyone.

Peter Belso

Brand Manager, Bike Shop

On my Wix website I can show fresh and new ideas, it takes only a couple of minutes to update.

Brian Love

Designer and Illustrator | Philadelphia

Wix helped me create a professional and unique site that does the job for me.

Alexandra Kenin

Entrepreneur | San Francisco

After setting up a Wix website for my business there was a dramatic improvement in search traffic.

Veronica Blanco

Dog Walker | San Francisco

My Wix site helped me promote my dog walking services online.

Amber Worrell

Advertising Student

With Wix, I can customize the site, connect, and add my social media feed without having to know any coding!