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My name is Stephanie Nadinic and I am the founder and creative director of La Piccola T-Shirteria. I run a retail business so it is imperative to have a website, and a website that reflects the creative identity of our brand and store. Since launching our website we have increased our in-store sales and online sales on an international scale.

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia but relocated alone to Italy at the age of 19. My talent and passion for creating was apparent at a very young age, along with a cunning business sense. I have studied both graphic design and fashion design.

My Website

The biggest change in the fashion retails industry is keeping up with the demands of the market. The fashion industry is fast moving and with the help of the internet the commercial market is well educated on the current trends. And due to the current financial crisis, consumers are thinking twice before spending. My aim is not only to supply the commercial market with a unique, fresh and original product but also to build a support network for creative talents. The affordable pricing and constant arrival of new designs allows our fans to update their collection according to their mood.

I consider myself very creative, hardworking, and very competitive. Since owning a creative retail business I have been forced to challenge my naturally obsessive compulsive tendency with time management, deadlines and budgets. I also consider myself extremely lucky to have such a young, efficient and creative team. I appreciate the tremendous effort they put into evolving our brand.


I consider myself a perfectionist so what I love about Wix is that it enabled me to design and have full creative control over the look and feel of our website. And more importantly: I was able to avoid paying huge fees for an external web designer to develop our site.

How Wix helped my business

Wix is incredibly easy and therefore a joy to use. The best part of Wix is that it is always growing and it offers me new Apps and layout possibilities. This allows me to constantly update my site with new features and elements, to increase interest and interaction with our clients. As we now have a large international following, Wix enables us to advertise upcoming collaborations, sales, new products and launch parties. That way our consumers always feel part of the evolution of our brand,  regardless of where they are.

As a young, start up brand one of our main challenges is budget. Thanks to Wix we are able to construct and have complete creative control of our website, all at a affordable price. The various levels and pricing of the websites allow start up brands not only to try before they buy, but also upgrade their sites according to the growth of the company.

My Website

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Stephanie Nadinic's website - Wix Stories

My Website

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