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I own a small Handbag Design Company. Michelle Irene is my brand of convertible handbags & accessories. The Michelle Irene Girl never tries to be something she’s not. She dares to be different & doesn’t follow the crowd. She is a leader. Follows her own trends.

I began sewing when I was a little girl, after my mother—a dressmaker—started to teach her the art of creating interesting items from fabric. Eventually, with a handbag and a childhood dream, I began designing and making my own handbags in 2004 at my home studio in Binghamton, NY.

My Website

My son, Derek, introduced me to Wix. The most enjoyable part of using Wix is the ease of it all. I have used other site builders in the past but Wix gives me the professional look I had been searching for without the professional cost. Literally saved me thousands. With ‘professionals’, turnaround time is forever, it’s never the way you wanted it. With Wix, you can change whatever you want when you want and it’s done your way!

Wix has allowed me to give access to my wholesale buyers as well as my retail buyers. I can now offer my customers coupons for great deals and show my photos in a professional gallery plus the product gallery looks amazing. It serves as the perfect base for my business, giving me a solid foundation to continue to grow on!

About my business

In 2008, I came up with the idea for a convertible and interchangeable handbag system with different bag parts that allow you to style, create, and restyle the perfect bag for you!

The first design is actually named after my Mother, Margarete who was such an inspiration in my life”. The design was created while my Mom was battling cancer for the 4th time and “I remember bringing the bag during one of her chemo treatments to hear her thoughts. We would sit there for hours and it gave us something positive to focus on.


The other day at a Trunk Show a new customer bought the Margarete Bag. She left very happy and a few moments later returned to show me that she had transferred all her belongings from the bag she was using to the Margarete bag and wanted to show me. That smile on her face knowing that I have brightened someone’s day—that is why I do what I do. Spread a little bit of sunshine into someone’s life.



My Website

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My Website

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