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As the name suggests, WULALA is a merry-making lifestyle brand with personality. Our products are exquisitely sourced, lovingly handmade or re-styled. WULALA is all about delivering the element of exclusivity, surprise, delight and cheery vibe.

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The best part of using Wix was being able to create my dream website independently within a short period of time! I wanted my customers to immerse themselves into our world of colorful ideas whenever they enter the website. Essentially, being able to update my website regularly with fresh and fanciful content was my priority and I was able to do that with Wix.

Wix’ user-friendly and foolproof interface makes managing and updating website a breeze for someone with zero HTML knowledge like me. The Wix support team’s prompt replies to my enquiries are very helpful too. Very impressive!

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My Website

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