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I design apparel, bags for women and girls. I sell straight from my website. I also show my collections in fashion shows to get more exposure. The idea to open my own business came from working at an occasion store that sold tote bags and thought that I could do better than that. I got my degree in design and eventually I started my own business after getting laid off a few years ago.

My Website

I started working on my own site about two years ago using yahoo to host my website. I did not like the templates much, I thought they were boring and I couldn’t do much with them. I couldn’t add options for colors or sizes. I also did not have the option to offer coupons which I think is a very cool feature Wix has.

I learned about Wix from a friend that uses it and I thought it was what I wanted for a great price. After I built the site I got a lot of compliments from friends that they like this website better than the previous one. I try to work on my website myself because I do not have the funds to pay someone to do it. I am still learning the SEO section and how to add the right search words so customers can find me.

I like editing and seeing my website come to life. I enjoy adding items to my store, as well as choosing colors and sizes. And of course, I also love the fact that I can add a coupon for my customers when needed.

Tips for people starting their own business

Determination and hard work is the key. If you have the passion for what you do then you will make it. It is a tough world out there and you just have to keep at it until you get to where you want to be.

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