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Wix Launches New Business Management Apps

The Company’s 37+ Million Users Can Now Manage More Aspects of Their Businesses from One Dashboard

SAN FRANCISCO, CA– August 22, 2013 –, the popular HTML5 web-publishing platform, today announced its new Business Management Apps offering, that enables its global user base to manage additional aspects of their business beyond website creation, from the Wix dashboard. The Business Management Apps work behind the scenes to help Wix’s 37+ million users drive more traffic, handle their finances, build relationships and communicate effectively with their audience, all from a single location.

With the launch of the Business Management Apps platform, Wix reduces the complexities of managing multiple tools and service providers for promotional, accounting and communication needs by integrating these services into a unified setting. Wix, which already offers a robust, code-free HTML5 website creation tool, hosting service and the integration of powerful third party web-apps, now adds another layer to its services by offering back office tools that facilitate both online and offline aspects of a business. This new offering complements the no-coding, user-friendly experience that benefits Wix’s community of users, comprised of small business owners, entrepreneurs, creative professionals and individuals.

“Managing your business or brand’s online presence is becoming increasingly complex, with an ever growing number of services available to enhance it – not to mention the tools needed to efficiently run its offline aspects. Finding your way in a labyrinth may be easier than staying on top of all of these tools,” said Avishai Abrahami, Wix co-founder and CEO. “We’re already tackling the simplification of website creation, and are enabling our users to add powerful functionalities by integrating third party web-apps to their Wix sites. With the addition of Business Management Apps, our aim is to assist them with the wider scope of running their businesses and brands by sourcing and unifying useful tools in the same dashboard where they already manage their websites.”

Wix’s first batch of Business Management Apps includes 15 services in three critical business categories: acquisition, communications and finance, including:

•  InvoiceASAP – Easy mobile & web invoicing
•  GetTraffic by Infolinks – Increase a website’s traffic flow
•  MightyCall Toll-Free – Create a toll-free number and direct it to existing phone lines
•  Site Booster- Place a website in top-tier directories and business listings
•  GE.TT Filesharing – Add downloadable files directly from the dashboard
•  Facebook Analytics – Get data about your website’s Facebook activity
•  Twitter App – Easily increase engagements with influencers & potential customers

“Wix is providing users value well beyond website creation. Users now have a hub where they can discover and manage critical business applications. For invoiceASAP, this exposes our invoicing platform to a huge number of potential users in exactly the vertical markets we serve. Everyone wins here,” said Paul Hoeper, CEO of invoiceASAP.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have our traffic-driving app included in this launch,” said Dave Zinman, CEO of Infolinks. “Wix’s Business Management Apps are a great leap forward for website creators globally. The Infolinks GetTraffic App enables new website owners to drive relevant traffic with just a few clicks. Bringing such simplicity to a marketplace of millions of relevant users is a stunning possibility for us.”

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