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“Insourcing” to San Francisco Proves Successful for, the leading do-it-yourself HTML5 web publishing platform, today announced new hiring and growth plans following the success of its “onshore” global support center. Over the next 90 days the company will expand its San Francisco staff by 40%, a significant first expansion since it was opened in 2010. Fueled by the company’s recent launch of its cutting edge HTML5 website builder and its 22 million user base, Wix considers this move a strategic step in furtherĀ strengthening its customer-centric business approach.

“Wix initially chose tech-heavy San Francisco because of its proximity to the Silicon Valley, and the fact that 50% of our users speak American English. We soon realized that the city offers a lot more than that — a diversity of talent that truly represents our users: with photographers, musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs of all kinds at every corner,” said Avishai Abrahami, Co-Founder & CEO of “Rather than cutting costs and going outside the US, we considered the perspective of the customer first. That’s why we are here and that’s one of the reasons we’re growing. We continue to invest in highly trained customer service managers and technical staff who energetically and optimistically tackle and solve each caller’s query!”

It’s Paid Off

By measuring their employees not on the number of daily calls taken but instead on the quality of service based on customer feedback, the Wix global support center has achieved a user satisfaction rating greater than 85 percent. That’s 13 percent higher than other informational call centers according to a recent study by The American Customer Satisfaction Index.

“Because building a website is a very personal experience for our users, it calls for an even greater personal customer support for those who need it,” said Jamison Moore the Wix Global Support Center Director. “Wix is based on a Freemium business model, and we pride ourselves in providing the same high level of support to both our free and premium users. We have even built unique and customized ticketing software, and customer management software tools to make the support process smoother for both our agents and the customers they serve every day.”

Located in the Mission District, the San Francisco global support center has fielded over 150,000 calls and typically handles approximately 1,000 calls per-day. In close cooperation with the online global support center located in Tel Aviv, Israel, those numbers are growing driven by the popularity of Wix’ new and powerful do-it-yourself HTML5 website builder, mobile website builder and the ‘WixYourPage’ Facebook application.