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Wix Announces New WixHive API & Mobile Sonic Technology

— WixHive Shares Data between Apps Installed on Wix Websites, Generating Richer Insights & Automated Business Processes — 
— Wix’ Mobile Sonic Technology Dramatically Speeds up the Load Time of Wix Mobile Websites —

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 15, 2014 — Ltd. (Nasdaq: WIX), a leading global web development platform, announced the launch of the WixHive API and its Mobile Sonic Technology. WixHive allows Apps installed on a user’s website from the Wix App Market to integrate data with one another. The data is collated, stored and can be used to produce new insights and synchronized actions that website owners can leverage for business management and growth.

The Wix Mobile Sonic Technology caters to the needs of over 2.8 million Wix users who already have mobile websites on the platform and the 400,000 users joining them each month, by dramatically speeding up their sites’ load-time.

The WixHive API captures a variety of actions or “activities” taken by a user’s website visitors such as contact information, messages, purchases, bookings and more. The activity data for each site is stored and managed in a centralized database dedicated to that site, and can be accessed by installed apps and the site’s owner through a dashboard. Formerly stand-alone apps will now share the gathered data, giving site owners the ability to make business decisions, manage customer relationships and take other actions based on the strength of the integrated insights.
“Wix is about giving businesses, professionals and organizations powerful tools to create and manage their online presence themselves. Through the WixHive API, we are extending our offering even further by creating an environment where they can generate business processes using independent apps and data collected from their websites,” said Avishai Abrahami, Wix Co-founder and CEO. “The ability to share data through our technology will turn apps built with our API into something much more powerful than they could ever be on their own. The integration and interaction of data with WixHive is a key element of our vision to create a true operating system for the web.”

Mobile site development is one of Wix’ most utilized products, with over 1.3 million new mobile sites developed in the first quarter of 2014 alone. The Wix Mobile offering automatically optimizes a website for mobile devices, which Wix users are then free to modify without altering the desktop version. Supporting this, the new Mobile Sonic Technology will ensure that Wix Mobile sites load faster, catering to the nature of mobile visitors who are on-the-go and hungry for quick access to information.
“Our users rely on us to deliver comprehensive solutions, through powerful, accessible technological tools and top notch performance. Mobile Sonic is all about enhancing performance to provide our users with mobile websites that are on par with those of the largest companies in the world,” said Abrahami. “Mobile sites are playing an increasingly important role for online businesses, and Wix is leading the charge in making this growth plan available to all business owners.”