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Wix Adds Japanese to Growing List of Supported Languages

The leading HTML5 web-publishing platform now offers its powerful website builder in Japanese, the company announced today. Wix, which provides anyone with the ability to create professional HTML5 websites without any coding or web design experience sees huge business potential in the technologically savvy Japanese Market.  Wix is already multilingual “friendly” and currently supports 8 other languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, Italian and English.

Japanese language users can now easily design and publish their own Wix HTML5 website through the drag & drop builder that makes Wix a favorite among the more than 28 million users worldwide. Everything from customizing layouts and adding advanced web design elements to adding pages and publishing the site is done with intuitive, Japanese-based, prompts.

“This is the perfect way to begin a new year, and a whole new direction for the Wix Community. Japan is an intriguing market, characterized by technological innovation and a mass of early adopters who understand the power of the web and the huge potential it has to boost their businesses,” said Avishai Abrahami, Wix Founder & CEO. “By offering our advanced technology and user friendly interface in their native language; we’re removing the language barrier preventing many from creating a professional web presence for their businesses, products and services.”

The Wix platform also includes a new app market enabling the integration of third party applications to the Wix website builder. This enables the company to best cater to the needs of website owners across all business categories. The apps, requiring no downloads or technical knowledge, are tailored to flawlessly fit into Wix websites and further enhance their functionality offering an almost limitless set of features. Developers looking to grow their user base by getting exposure to Wix’ huge following are invited to submit their apps to the Wix App Market. To learn more about developer opportunities, visit

In addition to Wix’ website builder being available in Japanese, Wix also underwent great efforts in translating its massive support knowledgebase offering thousands of tutorials on design, publishing and promotion of users’ Wix websites.  Additionally, the company has hired and trained Japanese Support specialists who will offer users 24/7 online and email support to help them address any questions they may have when using Wix.

Wix in Japanese can be visited from’s home page through the drop down menu at the top right.  For more about the Japanese announcement in Japanese see,