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Poll reveals Britain to be a nation of ‘restaurant researchers’ and reveals frustrations with online experiences

We’re a nation of restaurant lovers, with 134 new restaurants opening in London last month alone*. According to a YouGov poll commissioned by, a good website is an integral part of the dining experience, with 70% of adults viewing restaurant websites. 31% say it’s important to view a restaurant’s website before visiting it, and 20% of people in the 35 to 44 age group say they would never book somewhere without first looking at the website.

But it seems that restaurant websites leave a lot to be desired. The YouGov poll, from leading website builders asked what people found most lacking in restaurant websites and discovered that half (50%) of those said their biggest gripe was general issues with the menu, with a third (31%) saying the most irritating thing was there being no menu at all.

Of the other bugbears, a smaller percentage (17%) said a menu that was hard to access – such as a downloadable PDF – was an annoyance.

Wix’s Omer Shai said “A restaurant website is a crucial marketing tool to attract new customers and give valuable information to ‘restaurant researchers’. If I’m looking for a place to eat, I want to get all the relevant info in one click on a website: menu, pricing, location, hours and pictures all easily viewable.  If any of these, particularly a menu, are missing, you’ve lost me and many more diners.”

41% of people check restaurant menus online to see how much their meal might cost them, with young people aged 18-24 doing this most with over 52% accessing a restaurant’s website for this reason.

With its easy drag and drop website building tools, cutting edge HTML5 technology and hundreds of customisable templates, Wix enables every business owner to easily create a professional website that complements their business. Reacting to current user behaviour, Wix recently launched an advanced menu add-on enhancing its free offering for restaurateurs. The menu add-on enables site owners to upload, edit and manage all menu items from a centralised content management panel. Complete with design customisation options, the new menu add-on allows anyone to create an online menu that will flawlessly match the look and feel of the rest of the website, and easily update it whenever necessary.

“Many food and beverage websites offer their menus in the form of a downloadable file, which is difficult to access, especially from a mobile device. Wix’ menu add-on will satisfy the 17% of poll respondents who said that an online menu that was difficult to access or navigate was their main bugbear. Together with the ability to alter a menu’s display in a mere click and save “hidden” menus for later use, Wix’ new menu add-on, will draw in additional business by giving diners what they’re really looking for” added Shai.