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Companies’ Internal Communications Tool daPulse Secures $1.5Million Series A Funding

daPulse announced today that it has raised Series A funding of 1.5$ million from GenesisPartners.   daPulse provides companies with a unique topic-based internal communications tool, encouraging employees to share updates on their work. daPulse simplifies internal information sharing by keeping everyone in the organization on the same page across locations, teams and time-zones.  Already used in over 15 companies and by thousands of employees, the investment funds will be used to further develop the platform, expand into new markets, and ramp-up marketing efforts in the U.S. and Europe.

Unlike other tools, daPulse employs a topic-based approach for internal company updates and discussions.  Co-workers follow topics (pulses) instead of personal profiles, allowing them to seamlessly follow and interact with projects, news, developments, teams, customer updates, etc. that are important to them.

“We built daPulse from the ground up to solve a very basic business communication need: how to give everyone within a diverse business setting all the info they need without overloading them with information” said Roy Man Founder and CEO, daPulse.  “We cracked it by being topic-centered. Employees can easily screen the information they’re exposed to by opting to follow only pulses that are relevant to them and ignoring those that aren’t.  While the usage of daPulse varies from one company to the next, pending on size, business niche, company culture and structure, they all tailor it to facilitate greater efficiency and coordination in their internal communications.”

daPulse started in 2010 as an internal project within, the world’s leading web-publishing platform. With several locations and widely distributed workforce, Wix faced the challenge of keeping its employees on the same page. “With our rapid growth and an international team we needed efficient communication and collaboration platform. Sadly, a tool like this didn’t exist and so the daPulse team was born…” said Avishai Abrahami, Wix CEO and co-founder. “daPulse’ creators have produced an exceptional way to facilitate internal reporting and information sharing, as well as boost team work and company culture in a fun, easy to follow way.”

After 2 years of constant development and testing, daPulse was launched as an independent company in February 2012. Like, daPulse is based on a Freemium business model allowing companies to fully adopt it and experience first-hand its ease of use and efficiency in improving internal communications and collaboration.


About daPulse

daPulse launched as an independent company in February 2012 after 2 years of development and testing within Designed to meet the communication challenges of distributed companies, Roy Man and Eran Kampf created a platform that connects everyone and guarantees internal transparency, efficiency and collaboration. By creating a platform that puts topics (pulses), rather than personal profiles at the center, daPulse is transforming and improving companies’ internal information sharing processes.