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Back Users Build More Than 1 Million HTML5 Websites in 90 Days, the leading do-it-yourself web publishing platform, today announced that its users have created more than 1 million HTML5 websites since the launch of its HTML5 website builder in late March 2012.  With 170 gorgeous website templates catering to all business verticals and an easy-to-use website builder with advanced features that require no coding skills, Wix is facilitating a wider adoption of the HTML5 technology.
It’s of little surprise the demand for websites created with the universally accepted “future language of the web” is at an all-time high with 74% of Fortune 500 companies currently considering HTML5 implementation in 2012-13.

Wix’ analysis of the HTML5 websites created through its platform indicates that Wix users in the US and Brazil are those most maximizing the capabilities of the platform.  In general, an overwhelming 92% of Wix users prefer to customize a website template rather than create a website from scratch.  However it is US and Brazil users who best customize the Wix templates to fit their specific needs by adding advanced design features, optimizing their SEO settings, embedding external add-ons, and social elements to create super content-rich websites.

When running the same analysis over business verticals, the Wix data shows users categorizing their websites as ‘online businesses’ are the most sophisticated, with over 62% of them implementing advanced customization on their HTML5 Wix websites. They’re followed by the ’artist’, ‘musician’ and ‘creative professional’ business verticals, 57% of which enhance the templates with advanced features. Restaurant and catering website-owners tend to make the least adaptations to their websites and prefer to make minimal changes to the provided templates.

“Until now, HTML5 was a buzzword to describe the ‘future’ of the web. With Wix’ 1 millionth HTML5 site built this month, it’s clear that individuals and small businesses have decided it is the present and where the web is destined,” said Avishai Abrahami, CEO of  “No longer in the dark or stuck with having to outsource, the Wix HTML5 platform answers a wide market need.  We provide our users with the hammer and tools to build their online real estate, and we’re working 24/7 to deliver an HTML5 website builder with unmatched features flexibility and customization.”

Still in beta, the Wix HTML5 editor has seen a series of incremental feature improvements over the first 90 days with major product announcements expected in the coming weeks.  Like their original Flash version launched in 2008, the HTML5 website builder maintains the same easy-to-use, high quality and visually stunning results people have grown accustomed to with