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After getting injured while working as a lorry driver I was then made redundant when I reached the ripe old age of 50. As I can no longer work as a HGV driver I found it very hard to find work, so now at the age of 54 it was time to get off my bottom and do something. I’ve always been a bit arty and have a eye for photography so I decided to set up my own company (mhforephotography) and give it a go.

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The most enjoyable part of using Wix was the ease and tutorials if you got stuck and being able to preview your work as you went along. I’ve never built a website before and I found that Wix made things so simple. Wix makes it really easy to alter and add new work as I capture the shot giving viewers to the website a variety of content.


How Wix helped my business

The main challenge I’m facing is that there are many, many photographers all trying to sell their work. Wix helped me with this challenge by allowing me to build a website – this gives me a slight edge as I have something to push and people have somewhere they can view my work from their own home.

After searching for a user friendly site to create my website, I found Wix. It was so simple to use and if you get a little stuck there are plenty of videos to follow. After going live around 10 pm last night by this morning I had received plenty of good feedback from the contact page and to top it off a few hours later I had a sale in the bag.

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My Website

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