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I’m a photographer from Germany and have been working as a professional photographer for the last 15+ years. In addition to portrait photography, I also offer¬†commercial photography.

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I have searched for a website template for a long time. Each one I liked wasn’t easy to change or replace things on. ¬†I wanted a website that I could create myself without any problems and it was important for me to be able to easily change my content at any time. Also, I wanted to have a site that would be fun not only to my clients, but also for me when I update the content. This is exactly what I’m getting from Wix.

From the very beginning, I was excited about how easy it was to set up a website. I selected a template and adjusted it to fit my requirements. The many apps Wix offers are awesome and really add value to my website. It’s also amazing how the website is found by search engines.

Wix gives me a quick and hassle-free website setup as well as the opportunity to implement every conceivable design. I’m really thrilled.

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My Website

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