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My name is Carole and I’m an freelance self-educated photographer specializing in portraits and weddings.¬†After more than 5 years working in the internet field as a project manager, I decided to try my luck as a professional photographer because of my passion for images and capturing emotions.

My Website

In order to create my website, I looked for a platform that would enable me to get my website online quickly, but also with a lot of design flexibility. Wix was perfect for me because of its large variety of tools and beautiful website templates! The other point was that I didn’t want to be annoyed with servers and hosting issues. Again, Wix was taking care of everything related to hosting and servers, so it was the ideal solution.

The most enjoyable part of using Wix (the one that made me chose it in the first place) is the ability to play freely and easily with the design of the website. I love to change the layout and the colors often and that’s why Wix is really fun for me!

How Wix helped my business

The main challenge I faced as a photographer is to stand out and to be unique. Either by having your own style or by being more visible than the the rest of the competitors. With my personalized Wix website and the use of the available SEO tools, I succeeded to build my customer base in only a few months without needing any other means of advertising. I realized that by taking the time to work the SEO for each page of my website, I quickly found it appearing in the first pages of the search engines! Thanks to this, the number of clients I get has multiplied by 5 in a few months only! Before that I was only relying on word of mouth and now a lot of customers simply find me on the Web.


The added value of Wix, in addition to the possibility of creating a beautiful and modern website design easily, is the time and money you save! Wix websites are very easy to use and to get online and it’s possible to have a great online presence in only a few days. The fact that we can handle every element of the website allows me to be very reactive without wasting time! All that for a very affordable price, which is a very important criterion when you’re just beginning in your field.

My Website

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Carole Juin's website - Wix Stories

My Website

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