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My Name is Nadine, I’m from Switzerland but moved to London in 2011 where I’m now studying Songwriting (Bmus) at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. I write songs with haunting melodies and honest lyrics. I often perform with just a Piano and a Microphone but want to work with other musicians in the future. I just released my debut single “Snowflake” and am now planning on releasing my first EP.

My Website

I worked as a professional Graphic Designer before I started doing music full time, that’s why my visual concept is very important to me. I first planned to work with a web programmer. I would have given him the finished design of my website and he would have invested hours in deconstructing it and putting it online. Yet, I didn’t like the thought of having to bother him for every little change I would want to do in the future. That’s why I was happy when a good friend of mine told me about Wix.

After I’ chose a pre-designed website I threw things out so my website looked like a blank canvas. I wanted to start from scratch, enjoyed building it up, moving things around, being free to do whatever I wanted. I knew I wanted to use illustrations I made with ink, so most of my content is handmade, scanned and then put together on the wix page. I already had a clear plan of what I wanted the website to look like but also adapted parts of my plan as I went along.

Wix definitely impacted the way I’m interacting with my audience. It’s easy to adapt the page regularly, so I can use it a little bit like a blog. I’ve also decided to use my Website as a platform for my lyrics, so that the visitor can not only listen to the songs but also read and understand them. I’m glad to have a website which is linked with my social networks, now all I need to give to my audience is my website domain.

How Wix helped my career

There are many challenges in the music industry, but I think the main one is the competition. There are so many fantasticly talented singer songwriters around, it’s not easy to get heard (and even harder to get propperly listened to).

My Wix website helped me to be unique, to be remembered by the page visitor, not only because of the music played on it, but because of the visual concept that goes with it. Wix helped me build the Website I wanted. It works, it’s beautiful, it’s affordable.

My Website

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Nadine Furer's website - Wix Stories

My Website

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