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Black Hats are Ian Budd (Bass & Vocals), Nick Breakspear (Guitar & Vocals) and me, Mark Franklin (Drums & Vocals); we’re part of the vibrant and very competitive Oxford music scene.

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We were previously hosting our site on another website builder, but felt like we were too restricted by the limited options and feeds, and widgets we could apply into the layout. Setting up the website with Wix was so straightforward. Whilst the templates are easy to use, the flexibility gave us the freedom to make the site that we wanted and add the content that we felt was most important.

Our Wix site has centralized all our social media feeds so we can reach our entire fan base from one well-designed, easily-updated website.

From the point of view of ‘online’ there are so many sites, networks and feeds that bands need to be ‘seen’ on – SoundCloud, Facebook, SongKick, YouTube etc. Keeping our audience engaged without wasting time duplicating messages is paramount. As a band, our main worry should be writing better songs and playing better gigs, not updating our old MySpace page!

The built-in SoundCloud and YouTube apps mean we can keep our music and video feeds up-to-date without having to worry about complicated embed codes or html. Plus we can add apps for all the major social networks so that as soon as add something online, our website can pick it up and run with it.

My Website

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Black Hats's website - Wix Stories

My Website

Original Template

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The Original Template used to create Black Hats's website - Wix Stories

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