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I’m a Houston, Texas, Hip-Hop recording artist that is passionate about my craft, deliberate about my growth and loving every minute of the adventure that success is taking me on.

One of the most important tips I can offer any artist is please learn from your mistakes. While trying to get a foot into the music game, you will take many loses and you will come up short 1,000 times; but its up to you to act on those mistakes, its up to you to get up dust yourself off and keep moving. Just keep in mind it’s all a learning process, a process you must go through to get where you’re want to be.

Lastly, make friends, connect, network, have fun. The more positive people you have around you, the more enjoyable the experience.

My tip for other artists creating a website with Wix:
Don’t be afraid to let loose and do you! Your website should mimic who you are as an artist. You are the product. Display yourself or your work under the brightest stage lights possible, and with the tools that Wix has set before you, sky’s the limit!

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