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Israeli High Tech Gets Aggressive

July 6, 2014

TechCrunch contributor Adam Fisher discusses the change in the Israeli tech industry over the past 10 years. He explains that the Israeli entrepreneurs heightened ambition, strategy for scalable direct customer acquisition together with a change in the VC landscape, are creating more ambitious startups with eyes on a much bigger prize and a higher probability of success.


“Wix, which started trading on NASDAQ late last year, was the largest IPO of a venture-backed Israeli start-up ever…and has since been followed by Varonis. But companies such as Mobileye, CyberArk, Outbrain and others will likely file this year if they haven’t filed confidentially already. And I am increasingly confident that in the near future, the first results of a Google search for “Israeli IPO” will yield links related to public offerings rather than the acclaimed Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.”