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5 Unconventional Strategies One Exec Uses In All Job Interviews

June 18, 2014

Jacqueline Smith for the Business Insider Interviews CMO Omer Shai on his unconventional interview strategies.


“Our employees are the driving force of our company, and I want to be sure that the people we add to the mix will fit into the department, are excited by a challenge, and can cope with our fast-paced startup environment without losing their calm.

Sometimes I take candidates up to our rooftop terrace and have breakfast with them during the interview,” Shai says. “Thrown off by the relaxed atmosphere, I like to see how they cope.” Are they easily adaptable? Can they work when things aren’t the norm? Can they still focus when forced into a noisy, bustling environment? “These are vital characteristics for anyone joining the Wix team,” he says. “So it’s important for me to vet them from the start.”