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3 Rules for Making a Successful Pivot

July 6, 2014 features an article by Avishai Abrahami, Wix Co-Founder and CEO, where he talks about companies’ ability to adapt, to “pivot” and how crucial it is for those operating in the dynamic space of the internet.


“Pivoting is the art of recognizing that the pursuit of a specific idea, direction or product – in which you’ve invested significant time, money and energy – is no longer the correct path to follow.

I know that place. When we founded Wix, Flash was the best option to provide our users with a tool to create stunning websites themselves. And millions did. By now, the troubled history Flash had as a result of the growth of smartphones and mobile devices is well known. A little over two years ago stood at a crossroads and was forced to choose between a well-worn path and an entirely new direction…”