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Sydney Popcorn Company is a company producing small batches of popcorn the old fashioned way, staying true to tradition. We are new to this business so we are still finding out how this will work for us, however, we have had quite a few customer inquiries and we are looking to expand and stay with Wix.

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Wix provides very easy websites to set up and maintain. There is no need to learn anything, just follow the simple steps and you can make any change you want. I really like the templates and then you can be creative as much as possible with a great variety of designs.


The main challenge is to be first and let the others follow. Wix helps us promote the look of the brand in a very easy inexpensive way to start off with. Originality, value and the easy of use, those are the key aspects of us using Wix.

My top tips for someone just starting out in the industry:  just go for it and try it! Otherwise you will never know for yourself. Wix is a great tool for your business.

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